IMG_4817NAME: Thread

MY STORY: I’ve been meaning to post about the humble thread for some time! It was only after giving myself an upper lip breakout this week that I was reminded.

Threading was bought into my life aged 13 when it was kindly bought to my attention that I had a moustache! 😳

I witnessed my mum threading enough times to have a vague idea of what I needed to do & so I nicked thread from her sewing kit & my 17 years long relationship with threading began.

We have had ups & downs. I started with just my moustache for years, I later dabbled with my brows & at my worst I had taken to doing my entire face – once you start it’s difficult to stop.

But I did stop. Not only was it incredibly time consuming & impossible to keep on top of, the hair regrowth often caused ingrown hairs/acne. They were never deep cystic spots, more like superficial whiteheads but enough to create texture & scarring.

In the end I had a choice between acne or facial hair & I preferred losing the acne.
If you also deal with acne, it might be worth taking a break from wax/threading as it could be aggravating the situation.

I now use a tinkle razor for my face & thread only on my upper lip (I no longer do anything to my brows since I realised they look much better thicker anyway). I find my skin is breaking out less & is much smoother. The downside is that hair grows back quicker with a tinkle razor but it’s so quick & painless that I resent it much less.
I find razoring my upper lip less effective hence I’ve stuck to threading in that area. I do need to remind myself that removing hair from the follicles means they are more likely to get infected – I recently applied a face mask immediately after threading & gave myself a nice few zits. So be wary of applying heavy make up or anything potentially clogging to skin directly afterwards.

All in all, effective but potentially acne inducing especially in areas such as cheeks chin & forehead.

AIM: removes facial hair

PROS: less irritating than wax, cheap, can be learnt easily, takes hair a while to grow back. Good for upper lip.

CONS: can cause ingrown hairs/folliculitis/acne, time consuming & can be painful

Rating: 3.5/5


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