The ordinary niacinamide 10% & zinc 1%

IMG_6039CONTENT: 30ml


MY STORY: I switched to this after finishing Paula’s choice niacinamide booster – it was the obvious switch, cheaper for more product & the same level of active ingredient.

I use this as my day time serum & haven’t noticed any change in my skin since making the switch – it hasn’t deteriorated nor has it improved. My skin is generally looking even & clear these days but it’s hard to say if this is attributable to niacinamide as I’m using vitamin c in my routine too.
As I mentioned with my last niacinamide review -my pores remain much the same, but I’m keen to continue using it as a preventative measure as it’s effects against fine lines & uneven tone are well documented.

The compromise you make for price is that is a thicker texture. For this reason I seem to be using a bit more & am getting through it quicker. It takes a bit longer to absorb & can feel a little sticky. It has a tendency to turn into a white residue & pill if you use a lot or rub it too much- it doesn’t happen regularly & when it does it’s only to a small extent. It sits well under sunscreen & doesn’t pill when sunscreen is applied.

The addition of zinc pleases me as it has some good antioxidant properties.

A less sophisticated formula than Paula’s choice but for an eighth of the price & 10ml extra I am happy to stick to this.

AIM: reduce appearance of blemishes & balances sebum.
DIRECTIONS: use as a serum (at an alternate time to vitamin c)


Vitamin B3: AKA nicotinic acid/niacinamide visibly improves appearance of enlarged pores, uneven tone, fine lines, dullness & protective against environmental damage.

Zinc: growing evidence regarding use as antioxidant, limited evidence for anti inflammatory/acne use

PROS: excellent value, good amount of actives

CONS: some texture issues – can take a while to absorb & occasionally pills into bits

Rating: 4/5


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