The ordinary lactic acid + 2% HA

IMG_4938CONTENTS: 30 ml

PRICE: £5.80

MY STORY: I discovered lactic acid back in my student days & applied the cheapest form I could find – yogurt – to my face to get it’s exfoliating & hydrating benefits.

I eventually upgraded to cosmetic lactic acid in Sunday Riley’s good genes but I couldn’t tolerate the various other ingredients (nor the price). Luckily I found this product & it’s easy to use & gets along with my skin.
I use a few drops of this after cleansing as my leave on acid toner for the day.
The texture is runny & tinted slightly, it can leave skin tacky but does eventually absorb. It doesn’t pill under other products that I’ve used & layers well with the hyaluronic & B5 serum.

It smells strongly of celery (or pataks pickle if you’re Asian) which really put me off at first but this wears off (especially when layered with other products). It leaves my skin super soft & smooth & takes care of any flaky patches. I don’t notice much improvement to any breakouts but it does leave my skin less irritated than perhaps an enzyme exfoliator or glycolic acid.

I don’t use this daily because I prefer salicylic acid to prevent acne, but if my skins particularly flakey & needs something that’ll hydrate whilst it exfoliates, this is what I’ll use. It also comes in a 5% formulation which may be a good place to start if you’re inexperienced with acid toners.

AIM: to chemically exfoliate skin leaving it brighter

DIRECTIONS: use as a leave on acid exfoliant after cleansing once a day. Use SPF.

Lactic acid: AHA, at a pH of 3.8 as in this product it’s great at breaking down the material that holds dead skin together, allowing it to shed. Has hydrating properties & helps brighten uneven skin tone.

Hyaluronic acid: humectant with hydrating properties.

Tasmanian pepperberry: thought to have antioxidant properties
PROS: great value, hydrates as well as exfoliates, good evidence as an exfoliant. Softens & smooths skin.

CONS: not as effective on blemishes as salicylic acid. May cause irritation to sensitive skins

Rating: 4/5


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