The ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5

IMG_4857CONTENT: 30ml

PRICE: £5.90

MY STORY: Hyaluronic acid has been a must in my my routine for many years now & it’s not something I can see myself stopping.
Before buying this product I was using what could be considered it’s older more expensive sister hylamide. Both are formulated by mother brand Deciem & although the ordinary does not have the anti ageing ingredients that hylamide does it is equal in hydrating ability.

This serum contains hyaluronic acid of 3 molecular sizes (to help it penetrate & hydrate deeper skin layers) in comparison to hylamide’s 5 molecular sizes. I’ve found no differences in how well hydrated my skin feels.

The texture is similar, the ordinary may be slightly less runny but absorbs quickly without pilling & sits well under sunscreen & moisturiser.

Evidence for vitamin B5 in the serum suggests it too is effective for hydration.

If you’re looking for a versatile product that improves hydration, can be mixed with your moisturiser or sits well under & top of other products this is a no brainer.

I was never too sure about the anti ageing capabilities of hylamide so am happy to switch to something a fifth of the price but if ageing is a big concern & you want to hedge your bets, hylamide is a great serum too. I will be sticking to the ordinary, I’m not sure it’s possible for anything to beat if for value & results.

AIM: hydration for dehydrated skin

DIRECTIONS: use as a serum under moisturiser after cleansing/toning AM & PM


Hyaluronic acid: humectant that attracts water molecules, hydrolysed in 3 sizes for hydration in deeper skin layers

Vitamin B5: proven hydrating properties

PROS: great value, good hydrating ingredients, absorbs quickly

CONS: cannot think of any

Rating: 5/5


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