the ordinary azaleic acid 10%

IMG_5403CONTENT: 30ml

PRICE: £5.50

MY STORY: azelaic acid is used to treat acne & rosacea by dermatologists but I’d never seen it readily available at decent concentrations until now.

With my acne prone skin this was one of the acids I’ve wanted to try. Compared to other acids from the ordinary which come in dropper packaging & are fluid in consistency, this has the consistency of a silicone primer. It’s creamy & smooth but definitely feels like silicone.

This put me off using it for some time because as you know I’m not a fan of silicones – they can pill & break me out.

I built this into my routine cautiously & I’ve noticed it works best when I rub a pea sized amount between my fingers & then smooth on to my face without rubbing it in too much. I prefer using it directly after cleansing rather than layering it on top of other serums as I find it pills more on top of other products.

I find it’s silicone properties mean that I’m less oily & there’s an improvement in my skin texture, although because I can’t use my hyaluronic acid serums underneath I find my skin doesn’t look quite as plump as usual. In terms of acne I’m using a retinoid which is keeping it at bay anyway so I’m not sure how much this contributes. It hasn’t broken me out.

Unlike salicylic acid – the other acid useful for acne, it is safe for pregnancy & breast feeding. Although it’s not my favourite texture to work with it definitely has it perks. I’m not sure if the mattifying effect would work well for dry skins but oily/acne prone areas may well benefit from this product.

AIM: brightens skin tone while improving evenness of skin texture & reducing look of blemishes.

DIRECTIONS: Apply suspension to face AM &/or PM. Use SPF during the day


Azelaic acid: produced by yeast that lives on normal skin. Proven to improve skin renewal, brightness, tone & texture. Exfoliating & antioxidant properties beneficial for acne & redness.

PROS: high concentration of active ingredients, safe in pregnancy. Effective for acne & rosacea. Smooth. Mattifies oily skin.

CONS: contains silicone, pills when used with too many products.

RATING: 3.5/5


One thought on “the ordinary azaleic acid 10%

  1. I was quite excited when I bought this, but I’m not sure it did much for my skin. Like you, I found it quite difficult to work with, especially under make up. Leanne 🙂 (


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