Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose hydrate intense moisture mask

IMG_6038CONTENT: 125ml

PRICE: £9.99

MY STORY: I’m usually into exfoliating oil absorbing masks & avoid ones with oils & moisturising elements due to my oily skin & tendency to break out.

I do occasionally turn to hydrating masks before doing my make up, especially when I have drying retinoids in my routine. I find they give my skin extra moisture to give it a glowing plump base for make up.

Charlotte Tilbury’s goddess skin clay mask is 1 such mask I use for make up preparation. It moisturises with oils as well as balances oil with clay in preparation for make up. The rose hydrate intense moisture mask is in my opinion a good dupe for this, both are heavily rose scented clay masks. Neither of the masks fully dry or harden on the skin & wash off in a similar way.

This was slightly less rich than the skin goddess mask but I feel that if you left it on for longer than the recommended 5 minutes you could get a similar effect.

The overall finish on my skin was well balanced & smooth. Dry flakey areas resolved & there was no greasy oily residue left behind. It’s well priced, didn’t break me out & at less than a quarter of the skin goddess mask, is a great option for dehydrated skins that need a pre make up boost but don’t want to splash out £45!

AIM: Boosts skin moisture levels & radiance.

DIRECTIONS: apply to cleansed face for 5 minutes & rinse off


White Willow extract: skin soothing properties

Vitamin E: antioxidant
Urea: water binding properties

Marshmallow extract: antimicrobial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory.

PROS: good value, decent active ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin, helps create a hydrated base for makeup. Only takes 5 minutes. Didn’t break me out.

CONS: contains parfum, smells heavily of rose.

Rating: 4/5


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