pixi glow tonic to go exfoliating toner pads

IMG_5908CONTENT: 60 pads

PRICE: £20

MY STORY: Just over half a year ago I tried pixi’s 5% glow tonic, I found it ineffective at preventing acne & a bit of a faff to use with cotton pads but useful for maintaining bright skin.

Fast forward to now & with the introduction of prescription grade retinoid to my routine, my usual acid toners (nip + fab exfoliating pads/2% BHA liquid) were proving to be a little too strong. Rather than stopping acid exfoliants altogether I decided to switch to a gentler product.

These pads smell strongly to me of a public toilet – a very clean one, but a public toilet all the same. I prefer them to the original tonic although the £18 bottle + some cotton pads are better value for money.

Asides from the fragrance the pads are well saturated with product & easy to swipe over the face & neck, they don’t irritate or sting my skin.

This product only works for me in combination with a retinoid. I recently held off my retinoid for a few weeks & my skin became congested with more severe hormonal breakouts, so alone it’s not quite strong enough to keep my skin clear, but then glycolic acid tends not to be used for that purpose anyway.

If acne is not a concern or you need a less irritating acid, this is a nice option.

AIM: brighten, hydrate & gently exfoliate.

DIRECTIONS: use AM & PM or as needed.


5% glycolic acid: alpha hydroxy acid, exfoliates skin

Aloe Vera: skin conditioning properties

Ginseng: no evidence for topical skin benefits

PROS: easy to use pads. Gentle exfoliant.

CONS: not as effective at preventing breakouts. Fragranced. Probably won’t last you as long as a bottle of £18 glow tonic.



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