MAC Fix +

IMG_5337CONTENT: 100ml

PRICE: £18

MY STORY: One of the ways I’ve dealt with unnatural looking make up on my skin is by using a facial mist.

I started off just by spraying a light spritz of serozinc after over powdering my face one day & liked the finish it left. Since then I’ve moved on to fix + as it’s specifically designed for this purpose.

Fix + is not designed to increase the longevity of your makeup but instead to hydrate & give a subtle glow.

I spray this generously after completing makeup & it helps settle any areas that look powdery & makes everything mesh together seamlessly. It leaves a sheen & glow on my face.

If you’re oily like me this may or may not be a problem! I find that although this gives me a glow, it’s not the same shine that I get with oil production. Also when I wear this my makeup doesn’t break down & appear cakey in the same way that it can when oil breaks through. So overall my makeup just wears much better.

This particular mist contains cucumber, camomile, vitamin E, caffeine & castor oil with a range of emoilliant, antioxidant & hydrating properties, whilst I don’t rely on this for skincare actives it’s nice to know it has some beneficial ingredients & it also doesn’t break me out. I haven’t used my other mists for a while but I’ll remind myself what they are like & review those soon.

Obviously if you prefer matte skin then you may want to avoid this, if however you want a way of making your foundation less makeup like & more glowing & natural looking, give this (or any other mist) a go.
AIM: instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh & finish makeup.

DIRECTIONS: Hold 12 inches away & spray evenly

PROS: achieves what it says it will, gives a glow & gives makeup a natural finish. Some beneficial ingredients.

CONS: my bottle tends to leak if not upright, cheaper alternatives can create similar results



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