it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream (tan)

IMG_4852CONTENTS: 32ml

PRICE: $38 (£30.94)

MY STORY: as someone who is adverse to foundation but loves SPF & a natural glow, this SPF 50 cc cream appealed to me hugely.
If you haven’t already, you can see how this wears on my skin on my YouTube channel during which I used this for my second time (link in bio above). I have since then tried it again. The texture is creamy & easily applied by fingers, it provides medium coverage which is buildable & gives the skin a natural glow.

Unfortunately for me my skin does not like this. Firstly it itches my faces, this does wear off eventually, but what I have also found is that it consistently breaks me out. I usually always develop a new spot or 2 after wearing this for a day, often the same evening or the day after.

The ingredients list is substantial with a number of fruit oils that could be the culprits or it could be the type of SPF in the product that doesn’t suit me. The cream also contains vitamin A, B, C & E, hyaluronic acid & niacinimide but they are low down the list so I imagine the concentration to be quite low.

I’m incredibly disappointed because I love how it looks on my skin & the fact that it is an SPF 50 would have made this my holy grail base. It just doesn’t suit my skin, I’d recommend trying the sample size version if you can & if you can tolerate it, upgrade to the full size.

AIM: flawless full coverage with benefits of an anti-aging serum, moisturizer, primer & SPF 50.

DIRECTIONS: apply with fingers/brush as you would a foundation.

zinc oxide 6%: physical sun block generally well tolerated. Good UVA & UVB coverage
titanium dioxide 9%: physical sun block. Can be comedogenic & not as effective for UVA protection as zinc oxide.

PROS: high SPF, natural looking medium coverage, wears well throughout the day

CONS: expensive, SPF may irritate sensitive skins, broke me out, only available on beautylish in the U.K. Could do with wider shade range.

Rating: 3.5/5


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