Freederm fast track gel

IMG_5932CONTENT: 25g

PRICE: £5.75

MY STORY: I’m a sucker for spot treatments during my monthly breakout & bought this after a beauty editor was raving about it in a magazine.
The tube applicator is hygienic & you can directly squeeze a bit of product onto a blemish without involving fingers or cotton buds. The gel is white but dries almost clear after a few minutes.

The product claims to reduce redness & spot size within 3 hours.

What I noticed in this time was firstly in some areas this peels off & leaves odd looking white flakes at the site of application. Secondly it drew the head of the spot up, meaning under the skin bumps were left with a more superficial pus head. Thirdly in some areas where it didn’t flake the gel seal masked some of the redness & made the spot look temporarily less noticeable.

On removing the gel at the end of the day my spots hadn’t changed in terms of size & redness.

It didn’t burn the skin like some salicylic acid treatments which can cause pigmentation around the blemish, it does contain alcohol which can cause dryness & irritation so avoid applying to healthy surrounding skin.

This didn’t do what it claimed, it helped bring up some small under the skin bumps to a head white as pustules but I’m not sure that’s a positive thing if you’re trying to make your spots look smaller & less inflamed.

If you can’t use salicylic acid spot treatments due to sensitivity or pregnancy & don’t mind that this could make small whiteheads come up as surface pustules it’s an option, as the gel can mask some redness temporarily, but it didn’t make a huge difference in reducing the size & redness of my blemishes in 3 hours (or even 24 hours). AIM: reduce redness & spot size in under 3 hours

DIRECTIONS: apply to affected area after cleansing before moisturising

Niacinamide: multiple proven skin benefits including anti-inflammatory & soothing properties.

PROS: reasonable value, less irritating than some spot treatments, can be used in pregnancy

CONS: contains alcohol, doesn’t really reduce redness or size of spots, can bring spots to the surface

RATING: 2.5/5


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