Charlotte Tilbury wonderglow

IMG_5966CONTENTIMG_5970IMG_5971: 40ml

PRICE: £38.50

MY STORY: I’m a bit of a sucker for make up & skincare ingredients combinations & Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that doesn’t shy away from making bold skincare claims.

If you can get over the irritating marketing jargon claims such as ‘the fluorescent core light diffuser absorbs UV particles from the sun & reemits energy as visible light’ & various other anti ageing claims this is actually a very beautifying product.

The texture is light without being too runny or creamy & blends easily on to skin. It’s versatile & can be mixed in with foundation or applied on top as a subtle golden highlight without highlighting too much texture. On my NC40 skin tone it gives a natural golden glow.

Despite the small flecks of glitter, it doesn’t make my skin look greasy but I do limit its use to the outer parts of my face rather than all over. The flower oils in this would be too much for my oily T zone & breakout prone cheeks & chin.

The inclusion of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E & peptide is at low concentration so I wouldn’t rely on this for your active skincare ingredients. The ingredient list also includes fragrance, flower oils & silicones which could be potentially irritating.

This product works wonderfully as a beautiful luminous primer or highlighter that will catch light noticeably without looking like obvious makeup but £38 I won’t be repurchasing purely because there are so many mid-range & even drugstore alternatives which do a similar job – MAC strobe creams for example aren’t far off & neither are NYX liquid illuminators. If you’re feeling spendy & aren’t expecting skincare miracles, this won’t disappoint.

AIM: instant pick-me-up to create an effortlessly dewy look, skin is more radiant and appears more youthful.

DIRECTIONS: can be used underneath/on top of foundation or mixed in or alone for a dewy look.

PROS: lovely texture, beautiful glow

CONS: fragranced, expensive, negligible skincare benefits, potentially irritating flower oils.



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