PRICE: £38

MY STORY: I’m no stranger to faking it until I make it when it comes to good skin. It was my quest for covering imperfections that led me to this product.

The sensual skin enhancer is a highly pigmented emoillient cream which requires only the tiniest amounts to provide full coverage.

The pluses of this include being able to spot conceal with less than a pin head amount on a small brush – even then it’s probably too much. It also means you have a full coverage under eye concealer without looking heavy because of the tiny amounts required.

The downsides are that it can cling to dry patches & as a foundation, for me the finish is too unnatural. I find it difficult & time consuming to blend out to the level of sheerness that I find natural, even with a wet sponge the pigmentation sits on the surface.

I’ve come across people mixing it with oils/lotions but that’s a lot of effort & probably too much for my oily skin.

When I’ve tried it on larger areas I’ve noticed the odd whitehead & this could be because the main ingredient of this product is mineral oil. So if you have a problem with mineral/jojoba oils you may want to avoid it.

The smell doesn’t bother me although it does contain fragrance.

My shade is between 07 & 08 which is why I have both. The finish is a tacky sheen, it might even feel greasy if you’re super oily but sets well with powder.

Overall it functions well as an under eye & pinpoint concealer. I use small amounts meaning it’ll take ages to use up & because my skin is less problematic these days I doubt I’ll need to repurchase such a heavy coverage concealer but may consider it for days when I want absolutely no under eye dark circles.

AIM: For even, flawless complexion. Use as a concealer, foundation, highlighter or mixed with moisturiser for a lightweight skin tint.

DIRECTIONS: apply small amounts sparingly & sheer out to desired effect.

PROS: high coverage, lasts a long time,

CONS: mineral oil & fragrance may irritate. Requires a lot of blending if using in large areas, clings to dryness, unhygienic pot packaging, expensive.

RATING: 3.5/5


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