The ordinary vitamin C suspension 23% + HA spheres 2%


PRICE: £4.90

MY STORY: You may have noticed I’ve been looking for a vitamin C product for some time, I was coming round to the idea of having to pay a fortune for a product with a high enough concentration, luckily for me before I parted with £50+, along came the ordinary.

This is the first ordinary product I introduced to my regime. It took a lot of self control not to start using them all at once, instead I’ve been introducing products as & when I use up similar products already in my regime.

I’ve now used up a whole tube of this over the course of 2-3 months & reordered immediately.

I didn’t love it straight away. The texture is gritty, like you’re rubbing tiny sand on your face. The high concentration makes my skin tingle or even sting on sensitive skin days.
It leaves the skin almost greasy feeling at first & also made sunscreen smear & separate. I did discover that with moisturiser on top of it I could just about get my sunscreen to apply normally.

The turning point for me was switching this with niacinamide in my night routine (the 2 shouldn’t be used together) so I now use niacinamide as a day serum & this at night.
I’ve heard applying vitamin c at night means it will be active for longer as it’s sun sensitive & will denature in the light. I’m not sure of the evidence but it works better in my routine at night.

My skin certainly looks more even & brighter these days & in combination with my new weekly retinoid any acne scarring fades in days rather than weeks or months.
I won’t be without this stuff again & neither should you.

AIM: reverse signs of skin ageing & brightens.

DIRECTIONS: apply as serum or on top of more liquid like serums.

Ascorbic acid: 1st on the ingredient list, evidence for brightening & antioxidant. Water & silicone free for high stability of vitamin c.

Hyaluronic acid: hydrates skin.

PROS: excellent value, good concentration of active ingredients, opaque packaging promotes product stability. No fragrance.

CONS: can sting! Gritty texture, can sit badly with sunscreen & other products

Rating: 4.5/5


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