Skincare Tag

Welcome to my first skincare video where I answer some hopefully interesting skincare questions! Watch in HD.

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Links to skincare gurus:

Caroline Hirons

Dr Sam Bunting

Paula’s Choice – they are currently updating their channel

Skincare tag

1. Describe your skin type?
2. At what age did you start having a skincare routine?
3. How often do you cleanse?
4. What’s your main skin issue?
5. Have you used any medical treatments and did they work?
6. Whats the worst thing you’ve ever done to your skin?
7. Do you have a favourite skin mask?
8. Whats your longest used skincare product?
9. Do you pop your spots?
10. whats the weirdest thing you’ve put on your skin?
11. What’s your current cleanser?
12. Favourite skincare brands?
13. Do you use eye cream?
14. Favourite skincare gurus?
15. What skincare product would you like to try next?
16. Favourite skincare product?
17. Would you rather have 1 large spot or lots of smaller ones?
18. If you could invent a skincare product what would it be?


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