Paula’s choice 10% niacinamide booster

img_4333CONTENT: 20ml

PRICE: £40

MY STORY: Happy new year! I hope 2017 brings you beautiful skin!
2016 was the year I discovered niacinamide. I had come across it in la Roche posay’s effaclar duo in which it works as an anti inflammatory but it was bought to my attention again when I saw Paula’s choice promote it as a means to improve pores & uneven skin – both of which my oily, acne scarred skin needed.

I used this once a day (at a different time to my vitamin c to avoid any potential interaction which has been documented) & found it pleasant to use. The texture is water like & it’s easily spread & absorbed.

It doesn’t pill up when layering & sits well with other products.

I don’t usually wait 4 months to review a product but I was unsure of the impact this was having on my skin. What I can confidently say is that it didn’t break me out & always made my skin look well hydrated. In terms of my skin tone, texture & pores I have noticed minimal improvement however I’m not sure it’s attributable to this as after 6 weeks of using this I did add some other products.

Overall evidence for niacinamide being effective is strong & so I want to keep using it as a long term anti ageing product. I have replaced this particular product with the ordinary’s niacinamide & whilst the ingredients & texture aren’t as sophisticated, I have not noticed any real difference between the 2 other than the ordinary being 1/8 of the price.
AIM: promotes younger appearance

DIRECTIONS: Use alone after cleansing & toning or add a few drops to moisturizer.


Vitamin B3: AKA nicotinic acid/niacinamide visibly improves appearance of enlarged pores, uneven tone, fine lines, dullness & protective against environmental damage.

Antioxidants: contains a range including vitamin c to protect from sun damage.

Sodium hyaluronate: effective for hydration

PROS: contains a good percentage of proven ingredients, has antioxidant & hydrating ingredients. Light weight texture, easily absorbed.

CONS: expensive, very runny. Dropper can’t pick up last bit of product. Minimal visible improvement to my skin.

Rating: 3.5/5


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