Pixi glow tonic

img_3855CONTENT: 250ml

PRICE: £18

MY STORY: I’m always on the look out for the best leave on acid exfoliant, mostly for their anti acne & skin brightening properties.

Glycolic acid is mainly used for resurfacing the skin, it can help lighten discoloration, sun/age spots & help acne, although it cannot penetrate pores in the same way that salicylic acid can.

With all these attributes in mind I finally gave this product a go, it contains 5% glycolic acid. I have tried glycolic pads before usually in combination with other acids.

I was a bit put off by having to soak my own cotton pads, my routine is long enough without this extra step, but it has been manageable. The bottle has lasted a few weeks longer than a tub of 60 pre soaked pads so is better value than some acid pads.

This softens my skin without irritation, my face is smooth & bright. It’s gentler than some acids I have used.

My monthly break out has been a bit more severe than usual & I’m not sure if this is due to the lack of salicylic acid in these pads, I’m not convinced it’s lightening my acne scars either.

Overall, effective at smoothing skin & improving texture but not as strong or as effective at preventing breakouts on my skin. Happy to keep it in my arsenal of skincare acids as it’s good value & keeps my skin soft & smooth but will switch to salicylic containing pads for breakout prone times!

AIM: brightens, tones & conditions skin

DIRECTIONS: use on cotton pad after cleansing twice a day. Use an SPF daily.

5% glycolic acid: alpha hydroxy acid, exfoliates skin

Aloe Vera: skin conditioning properties

Ginseng: no evidence for topical skin benefits

PROS: gentle on sensitive skin, good for improving skin texture. Effective percentage of active ingredient. Oil & alcohol free.

CONS: contains fragrance, not as effective on acne. Needs to be applied to cotton pads.

Rating: 3.5/5


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