Nivea in shower body moisturiser

img_4069CONTENT: 250ml

PRICE: £3-4

MY STORY: As much as I love skincare one area I lack motivation in is body moisturising. Occasionally I can muster up the energy for a body butter or lotion but on the whole I tend to forget or do not make the time.

It’s a shame because moisturised skin looks & feels so much healthier & nicer. Particularly at this time of year when the cold & central heating leaves me with fine white scales of dryness.
In a lazy attempt to overcome this I picked up this product, I was sceptical but it was pretty cheap & worth a try. Applying moisturiser in the shower takes a bit of getting used but slather on few blobs to your dry areas after your shower gel, rinse & your good to go! I don’t mind the strong sweet smell, it tends not to linger too strongly on the skin itself.

It initially feels like there’s a film on your skin, but it’s not greasy or oily & when you towel dry there’s no residue left on your towel or body. Your just left feeling softer & smoother without the stickiness & waiting for a usual moisturiser to sink in. It also doesn’t sting shaved skin.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a rich moisturiser & if you are extremely dry or have eczema it won’t be sufficient but it’s certainly better than nothing & would work well under a regular moisturiser if you want an extra bit of moisture.

For me with my occasional flakiness on my legs & back it’s enough to keep that at bay & make me feel smooth with minimal effort. I will try the cocoa one next but there is also a plain version without fragrance.

PS. I would not use this on my face. Just a disclaimer.

AIM: moisturises instantly to get dressed & go.

DIRECTIONS: use after usual shower cleanser, apply to wet skin, rinse off.


Pariffinum liquidum & Cera microcrystallina: mineral oil based emoillients

Mel (honey): hydrates & antioxidant
PROS: cheap, effective, quick.

CONS: contains linalool which is potentially irritating. Contains fragrance, would prefer a pump & clear packaging. Requires generous amounts.

Rating: 3.5/5


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