Kypris moonlight catalyst

img_3859CONTENT: 47ml

PRICE: £56

MY STORY: when it comes to resurfacing & exfoliating skin the main ingredients I use are acids & retinols.

This product uses pumpkin enzymes & a growth factor biomimetic to stimulate skin renewal.

I have previously used enzymes in mask formats & found them to be brightening.
Growth factors are controversial due to their potential to exacerbate psoriasis & proliferate existing cancer cells particularly when used orally. Topical plant derived molecules (such as in this product) are considered safer although there is little independent research to fully confirm this. On the whole there is much more evidence for the benefits of retinols.

This gel serum is only for night time use, I use it alternately with a retinol. It has a distinctive smell but isn’t unpleasant & leaves my skin tacky overnight. This can be a little annoying.

My skin is noticeably softer & more even toned when I wake up.

Given the price, the lack of evidence of benefit compared to retinols & the controversy I’ll stick to retinols even though I’ve seen some benefit. It might be worth considering during pregnancy/breastfeeding when using retinols is not allowed but I’d prefer something without growth factor like ingredients altogether.

AIM: Enhanced cellular renewal, Refines texture. keep pores clear. Evens skin tone.

DIRECTIONS: use at night after toning beneath oils/moisturiser


pumpkin enzymes: softening and decrease signs of stress on skin

sh-Oligopeptide-1: A growth factor like protein. Growth factors binds to skin cell receptors & accelerates cell proliferation to promote healing & renewal. Some controversy about human growth factors being potentially cancer inducing, this is a plant derived biomimetic so is considered safer, although there is a limited evidence base. Growth factors have the potential to accelerate growth of cancers which already exist but cannot cause cancer themselves.

Xylitylglucosides & Hawaiian sea algae: hydrates

PROS: free from essential oils, alternative to retinol. Softens & evens skin tone.

CONS: expensive, tacky texture, limited controversial EGF evidence.

Rating: 3/5


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