Vitamin C24

img_3733CONTENT: 30ml

PRICE: £24.99

My story: I was eagerly waiting for the launch of this, vitamin c is known to brighten up acne pigmentation & I certainly need that in my life. I was so excited when it launched that I bought 2 tubes, expecting that I would love it. Sadly not.

I have held off reviewing it as I was trying so hard to make this work for me but no matter what I try it fails.

Don’t get me wrong the brightening effects are brilliant & the few days that my skin tolerates it, I am radiant. It also works as a mattifying primer on my oily skin & reduces my pores.

However it is so full of silicone (it’s the first ingredient in the list) that it rubs off in balls if I apply too much or if I use any other product on top. It works particularly badly with my sunscreen & that’s not something I can compromise on.

Adding to this it tends to sting on application & always breaks me out if I use it more than 2 days at a time.

I’m sure for skin that can tolerate silicone without breaking out this would work wonders & make a nice makeup base. Just use it sparingly – a little patted into skin prevents balling up.

I will try to use up what’s left before trying a different vitamin c product.
AIM: defends against stress, free radicals, sun damage, pollution & premature ageing.

DIRECTIONS: pat a pea sized amount onto skin before moisturiser & sunscreen

Vitamin C (L-absorbic Acid): 22%. Anti-aging & brightening properties, improves skin elasticity.

Microspheres of Hyaluronic Acid: 2% hydrating properties.

PROS: good as a primer, potent vitamin c product.

CONS: too much silicone, can sting, breaks me out, doesn’t sit well with other skincare

Rating: 2.5/5


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