Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid

img_3706CONTENTS: 118ml

PRICE: £25

MY STORY: for a long time I’ve been using the beautypaedia website run by Paula’s choice & watching their live chat videos on YouTube to learn more about skincare ingredients.

What resonated with me most was their scientific approach to skincare. As a GP I’m trained to provide evidence based treatments & Paula’s choice appeared to be doing the same for skincare.

I love that they only use well researched ingredients that have strong evidence behind them & they aren’t extortionately priced.

I chose to try the 2% BHA liquid partly based on the amazing reviews & because I love acids. Salicylic acid in particular is proven to be great for acne prone skin.

I put a small amount of liquid directly onto fingers & pat on to skin (I feel like a cotton pad would waste product). After only 1 use I noticed the texture of my skin greatly. Overall after 4 weeks my skin is smoother, I appear to have less frequent breakouts & scarring fades quicker.

Despite this being an effective acid there is no irritation or dryness, I think this is testament to the high standards that Paula has for skincare ingredients.

I can’t wait to try more from the line.

AIM: evens skin tone, reduces redness & unclogs large pores.

DIRECTIONS: apply twice daily after cleansing & toning. For daytime follow with sunscreen.

Salicylic acid: penetrates pore lining to exfoliate inside pores & surface of skin

Green tea leaf extract: antioxidant properties

Methylpropanediol: enhances salicylic acid & has hydrating properties

PROS: absorbs quickly, effective at improving texture of skin & reducing acne.

CONS: can get messy if using fingers, UK website doesn’t offer full range of Paula’s choice products.

Rating: 4.5/5


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