Skyn Iceland Nordic skin peel

imageCONTENTS: 60 pads

PRICE: £35

MY STORY: Usually before buying a product, I research the ingredients, read a million reviews & try to figure out if the product will work with my skin & existing routine.

This was a product I bought on a whim, I love acid exfoliants, particularly if they come in pad format & these fit the bill. I read the packaging spiel & got sucked into the hype without taking the time to read the ingredients & reviews.

In theory the acids & willow bark should be effective exfoliators. The cotton pads are dripping with product to the extent that some of it leaked in my skincare bag.

The product tingles & is cooling on the skin. I was quickly acquainted with the ingredient list after my first use as the smell of alcohol was overwhelming. Lo & behold the 2nd ingredient after water was alcohol.

This was highly disappointing as I know my skin reacts badly to alcohol. My skin began getting red and blotchy within 2 uses & I was heading towards a break out when I stopped using these. Any potential good ingredients were outweighed by the irritants.

I should know by now to avoid alcohol & had I checked the ingredients of the product instead of getting excited by the acid content I would not purchased them.

Lesson learned.

AIM: Exfoliating peel pads to gently & effectively renew skin’s surface.

DIRECTIONS: smooth pad over face daily after cleansing.

Lactic acid: 3-5% of alpha hydroxy acid although pH of product is too high for maximal effectiveness of acid

Witch hazel: antioxidant which can be irritating to skin

White Willow Bark: naturally occurring salicylic acid to prevent break outs, skin soothing properties

Papaya Fruit Ferment Extract: exfoliating enzyme can be irritating

PROS: soaked in product.

CONS: high in alcohol, potentially irritating ingredients, packaging leaked, expensive. Not for sensitive skin. Not gentle as claims.

Rating: 2/5


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