Erborian CC crème

imageCONTENTS: 45ml

PRICE: £38

MY STORY: I have to thank @koukklabouloua for recommending this to me on Instagram.

I’m not one for wearing makeup daily & when I do, being skin obsessed, I like to wear the most natural looking base possible which makes my skin glow & ideally provides skin treatment, in my case this means controlling my oil production & preventing acne.

This is the first cc cream I have used, it gives light/medium coverage & covers blemishes better than any bb cream I’ve used. In terms of colour correcting it does even out pigmentation around my mouth.

It starts off as a white cream which I rub on my fingers & then pat on to my face. It smooths over skin silkily. The pigments alter to match my medium skin tone, I’m not sure how well this would work on paler or darker skins but the idea is that it adjusts to match all skin tones.

It has a velvety matte texture but manages to give a healthy glow, it is a lot like l’oreal’s infallible matte foundation in this sense & works well on my oily skin.

I like that it has broad spectrum SPF coverage & contains skincare ingredients which are considered to be beneficial for acne & wound healing.

My only complaint is the cost, at a price equivalent to high end foundations I don’t use it as often as I’d like & I feel many people would be put off.

If you want a natural flawless base for special occasions then this is lovely, its available to buy in a sample size which is not as expensive if you don’t want to commit to spending £38.

AIM: high-definition skin perfecting cream with one-shade fits all color-matching technology, for a luminous, soft, and flawless-looking complexion.

DIRECTIONS: I rub between fingers & then pat on to skin & blend it with fingers.

centella asiatica – proven antibacterial, anti-psoriatic & wound-healing properties

Broad-spectrum SPF 25 protects skin from UVA/UVB rays

PROS: lovely texture & natural radiant finish on skin, good skincare ingredients, provides SPF

CONS: unsure if pigments would match all skin tones, pricey

Rating: 4/5


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