pixi glow mud cleanser


imageCONTENTS: 135ml

PRICE: £18.00

MY STORY: as you can tell from this picture I’ve pretty much used up the entire tube of this cleanser. Whilst cleansers can usually be judged quickly I wanted to give the glycolic acid element some time to work on my skin.

So what have I learnt after several weeks of using this?

A few things, I like the texture, it becomes milky/creamy when mixed with water & I like it for a morning cleanse – I didn’t like removing make up with it as the colour of the cleanser was the same as my foundation & made it difficult for me to distinguish if I was removing make up or cleanser.

In the mornings it makes my skin less oily than my usual e45 without making my skin dry or tight & I feel like my oil is controlled for longer.

I don’t think the acid itself has much scope to exfoliate as its not in contact with skin for long as a cleanser. My skin isn’t noticeably brighter in the mornings after using this in comparison to my usual cleansers. You could apply this as a mask however & it would act as a gentle clay exfoliator.

In summary a gentle morning cleanser particularly good for oilier skins in summer but didn’t appear to exfoliate or brighten any more than using my e45.

AIM: clay cleanser with 5% glycolic acid exfoliates to reveal glowing, healthier-looking skin.

DIRECTIONS: best used as a morning cleanser or 2nd cleanse in the evening. Apply to damp/dry skin, massage and remove with damp flannel/face brush & rinse.


Glycolic acid 5%: exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid

PROS: good morning cleanser, can be used as a mask, contains exfoliating acid. Mid range price. Good for oily skins. Didn’t cause break outs.

CONS: limited ability to exfoliate skin as a cleanser. Tube packaging needs cutting to use up last bits of cleanser. Fragranced with essential oils.

Rating: 4/5


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