Skyr natural yogurt

imageCONTENTS: 450g

PRICE: £1.80

MY STORY: no this isn’t a mistake, natural yogurt (it doesn’t have to be Skyr, this is just what I have in the fridge today) is one of the best acid masks I’ve used.

I used natural yogurt years ago when I had to stop hormonal treatment for my acne, at a time before acids in skincare were so available. It was my saviour for preventing breakouts & gave me soft bright, hydrated skin.

With so many acids becoming available I forgot about my love for yogurt masks. Recently though, I gave myself chemical burns & scars. If any of you have ever over treated spots with acids you’ll know the challenge of irritated dry pigmented scars.

What I needed was to gently exfoliate & lighten scars but simultaneously soothe & hydrate dry irritated skin. My usual acid masks were exfoliating enough but tend to dry my skin out which is fine as I’m usually oily & can take it. But on this occasion my skin was so sensitive using them would have caused more damage.

After 2 days of using a yogurt mask I was reminded how awesome it is. The dark dry patches peeled away & the remaining marks are fading away as we speak.

Yogurt has many beneficial ingredients that it’s hardly surprising that it works so well, experts agree that it moisturises, fights acne, prevents premature aging, relieves sunburn & reduces discolouration.

Do a patch test beforehand if you suffer dairy allergies but otherwise I recommend this as an all rounder for all skin types & I won’t forget about it again, definitely a life saver!!!

AIM: I use it to provide both hydration & exfoliation. Brightens & softens skin

DIRECTIONS: I apply a heaped teaspoon all over my cleansed face & rinse after 15-30 minutes.

Vitamin B2, B5, B12: Aid cell growth & regeneration. Hydrates & moisturizes skin, protects it from free radicals, skin-lightening properties useful for acne scars.

Calcium: Heals dry skin.

Lactic acid: alpha hydroxy acid which exfoliates dead skin

Zinc: Fights free radicals

PROS: natural cheap, all round benefits to hydrate, exfoliate & protect from damage.

CONS: potential allergen for those sensitive to dairy??

Rating: 4.5/5


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