Peter Thomas Roth max complexion correction pads

imageCONTENTS: 60 pads

PRICE: £27

MY STORY: the downside of trying new skincare is that occasionally, you will use something that destroys months of hard work in just a few days.

I substituted my nip&fab acid acid toning pads for these this week.

I was weary of the high alcohol content but thought my skin was resilient enough to cope.

Wrong. After a day or 2 I noticed a little dryness. I also had a little breakout & proceeded to use my usual spot treatment containing salicylic acid.

The combination of the 2 was catastrophic, where both were used I got red blotchy dry skin which is now scarred & areas where I didn’t use any spot treatment were also dry & pigmented, like a contact dermatitis (eczema) type reaction.

It’s my fault for combining irritating products but the fact that the rest of my skin is also dry & red leads me to believe that the alcohol component is too high for my skin to tolerate daily. I should have known as it burns (not in the usual good way) when I use these.

The ingredients used to calm irritation don’t stand a chance against 46% alcohol. It’s a shame because without the alcohol, the acids work better & it’d be better tolerated.

So if you see me with blotchy skin you’ll know why, I might use these once a week to use them up if my skin allows but for now, I’ve rediscovered an old favourite to help cure the scarring. I’ll review it soon so watch this space for something more pleasant.

AIM: exfoliates, stimulates cell turnover, loosen spot-causing sebum & regulate oil production, reduce future breakouts.

DIRECTIONS: wipe pad all over face using rough side of pad first followed with smooth side 1-3 times a day as tolerated.

Salicylic acid 2%: exfoliating BHA
Glycolic complex 10%: exfoliating AHA
Green tea extract: anti-oxidant protects against skin-ageing free radicals
Arginine, Allantoin & Aloe: relieve irritation

PROS: some good exfoliating acids.

CONS: 46% alcohol which is bad for collagen, stimulates oil, drying + irritating particularly to sensitive skins. High pH so acids not as effective as could be.

Rating: 3/5


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