Ramadan Skin Care Tips

FullSizeRender-10Ramadan involves no eating and drinking between dawn and dusk for 29-30 days. In the UK currently fasts are approximately 18 hours long.

It is a time for prayer & cultivating inner beauty, but it can take its toll on skin. If like me you want to avoid looking like a dehydrated exhausted zombie whilst improving your faith then these tips are for you.

I find the combination of not drinking, waking up for sahoor (pre-dawn meal) and performing wudu (a wash routine before praying) more than usual can leave my under eyes darker and my skin dull and dehydrated.

Most of my tips are aimed at tackling these and ensuring skincare is quicker and simpler during this special month.

1. Keep it simple, energy levels are low for me in Ramadan and my usual enthusiasm for mixing up products on a daily basis wears thin. I want to keep it basic with fewer steps using products that I know work and tend to use the same products all month. I avoid trying anything new as I’m unsure if any negative outcomes are due to the product or Ramadan.

2. Stick to a twice daily routine, Ramadan can often mean you’re waking and sleeping at odd hours but try to incorporate a morning and evening cleanse at a time that doesn’t involve washing everything off for wudu soon after. For me this is first thing in the morning and then after my wudu for Maghrib which usually takes me through Isha too.

3. Don’t worry about doing a full cleanse or toner/serum routine every time you do wudu, ain’t nobody got time for that. If I need to perform wudu in between cleanses I will rinse my face for wudu and see how my face feels afterwards. If it feels tight I’ll pop on a little moisturiser but I won’t bother with my toners and serums as I feel doing all of this several times a day would be too much for my skin.

4. Use hydrating products, anything with glycerin and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump and less dull.

5. Use a spritz to refresh your skin in the day if it starts looking dull and to hydrate it. I like a plain one spring water one but there are all sorts of spritz sprays around at the moment.

6. Moisturise around your eyes, I do this anyway but take particular care to remember in Ramadan. Twice a day without fail to help me look less exhausted.

7. Time face masks with wudu. If I know I need to do wudu in half an hour, I will just stick a hydrating mask on my face beforehand and wash it off when I rinse my face for wudu. This helps counteract any dryness from rinsing my face several times a day.

8. Hydrate from within and ensure you drink plenty of water at Iftar and sahoor. Avoid caffeinated hot drinks and switch to something hydrating like coconut water.

9. Use an in shower moisturiser the types that you just rinse off whilst in the shower, they reduce the effort and energy spent on moisturising skin afterwards.

10. Use a parfum free lip balm. Strong flavoured lip balms can leave a taste in your mouth and you don’t want to be spitting out lip balm to stop you breaking your fast.

11. Take a nap. Ramadan can be exhausting so if possible, try to take a short nap in the afternoon, it will spruce up your energy levels and your face will look well rested.


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