What’s in my skincare bag

IMG_2561I love what’s in my handbag videos and thought the skincare equivalent would bring me even more joy. So here’s a bit of information about why and how I store my skincare.

Why to store things in a bag:

I store my skincare products in a clear make up bag, these come in a set of 3 in various sizes from boots for £8. I use the medium sized one as the smaller one is too small and the larger one accumulates things that I don’t need.

Having my items in one clear pack means that I can quickly grab all my products on days that I want to do my skincare in front of the TV for example, and I can also see exactly where they are without having to rummage.

I find that keeping my day to day items altogether in one place mean that I’m less likely to misplace or forget to use items.

The content:

I don’t keep all my skincare items in here, just the serums, toners, moisturisers and SPF that I am using on a day to day basis during my day and night regime. My cleanser is kept in my bathroom, along with face masks and any back up items/products that I’m waiting to try are kept in a drawer.

The content changes regularly depending on what I’m trying and I don’t use all the products on a daily basis. I keep a few options in terms of serums and treatments which I will mix up on a daily basis depending on my skin’s needs.

Currently I have the following items in my bag:


I always keep acid pads in the bag, the strength of the acids can vary, at the moment I’m using Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta peel pads, these are the strongest variety I have and work well at controlling break outs. The Nip+Fab ones work well when I don’t need anything too strong.

I also love having a spray toner in summer to hydrate and cool my face, serozinc is ideal as it also contains zinc which is thought to be beneficial to acne prone skin.


IMG_2773As you can tell I’m a fan of indeed labs. After a recent break out I went back to some trusty products that I’ve used a long time to calm my skin down. For me peptabright and hydraluron are always good for bringing back some hydration and minimising scarring from acne scars.

I’m giving the vitamin c24 serum a go too but have yet to do a full review. I will use peptabright and hydraluron in combination, but vitamin c24 doesn’t sit on top of other products very well so I use it alone. The simply pure hydrating serum is a good all round serum on days that I don’t want any fuss. At the moment my skin is dry from acne treatments I’ve been using but when it’s not I will also have a retinol option for night time such as La Roche Posay’s redermic R or retinol reface from indeed labs.


Vichy normaderm day and night moisturisers are another set of trusty items that I go back to if I’m suffering from any acne, they moisturise without being too rich and making me oily.

I will also keep La Roche Posay’s effaclar duo in there for when my skin is oilier.

I’m trialling shiseido’s anti dark cycle eye cream at the moment and tend to stick to a single eye cream until it has all been used to ensure I get a good idea of how effective it is.


You all know I love to use an SPF. Currently I’m trialling the tinted version of the anthelios XL range by La Roche Posay, I’m a big fan of the original but wanted to try out the coloured version. I intend on reviewing it very soon.

I usually always keep an SPF option in my bag for days that I know I’m going to be exposed to sunlight. If I’m using a primer/moisturiser/bb/cc cream/foundation with SPF, then I will skip it but I like to keep one in my bag for days that I don’t have other SPF products in my bag/in my makeup.


For me a good lip treatment and acne treatment is essential. My lips get dry all year round so 8 hour cream is a must, I’ve yet to find anything better.

Origins super spot remover is my go to acne treatment for annoying break outs, it works well to dry out larger cystic type spots but can leave skin in the area quite dry and eczematous. Alternatively Boot’s skin clear gel is a less drying alternative and I often keep the 2 in my bag.


There a few items that come and go from my skin care bag, I mentioned retinols and effaclar duo for when my skin is less dry, depending on my mood I also keep my neck cream in there although it is pretty inessential.

I also always keep some thread and a tinkle razor to tame any pesky facial hair.

I hope this helps enlighten you all about how and what I use on a day to day basis. Like I said I don’t use every single item daily but instead give myself one or 2 options to work with depending on how my skin is behaving.

I keep a few staples that I can keep going back to if my skin becomes unhappy with anything new that I’m trying and a few treatment options for problematic times.




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