Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask


PRICE: £39.50

MY STORY: Courtesy of the last face mask I reviewed, I was left with spots & scars on my cheek & forehead.

This acid enzyme mask has long been on my wish list & what better time to review it than when my skin was in serious need of some brightening exfoliating action.

It claims to have an exfoliating, peeling, polishing effect. As well as the active ingredients, there’s also vitamin A, C & E & sodium hyaluronate.

The mask smells strongly of pumpkin pie which I like. I only need a small dollop to cover my entire face in a thin layer. I massage it for a minute & then leave it to dry for 7 minutes.

When I first apply it I get a strong tingling almost burning sensation for about 30 seconds. I imagine sensitive skin or anyone new to acids may find this a bit too much to bear, but I love a tingly mask! The most annoying part is rinsing it off, there’s a lot of grittiness to remove which requires effort.

The first few time I used it, I noticed improved clarity & even skin tone. Lately I’ve left it on longer than 7 minutes (naughty me!) but my skin tolerates it & the bright glow afterwards is unmatched by any masks I’ve tried so far. I slap on SPF liberally the day after!! I love that you get so much product because I love using this! It should last ages, but when it finishes, I’m buying more!

AIM: Exfoliate with pumpkin enzyme, peels with alpha hydroxy acid & polish with aluminum oxide. Reveal smoother, younger-looking, radiant, revitalized skin.

DIRECTIONS: apply thin layer to dry cleansed skin & using work in circular motion with wet finger tips. Allow to dry for 3-7 minutes & rinse

Pumpkin Enzyme – natural enzyme digests dead surface skin cells. Limited evidence that enzyme remains active in cosmetics.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – removes dull surface cells.

Aluminum Oxide Crystals – provides a physical exfoliation to skin.

PROS: lots of product, quick, only need a small amount, clarifying & brightening. Good ingredients.

CONS: no evidence that pumpkin enzyme stays active, may irritate sensitive skin. Gritty texture. Would prefer tube packaging to a jar.

Rating: 4.5/5



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