Luminzing charcoal peel off mask

imageCONTENTS: 3 sachets

PRICE: £9.99 (often on special offer)

MY STORY: I’ve been meaning to try out masque bar’s range of masks ever since trying their eye mask which I quite enjoyed. I started off with this one because I find peeling masks off my face so satisfying.

Well let me tell you something, this was not like peeling PVA glue off my face, more like painfully slowly removing a wax strip & pulling off every peach fuzz hair on your face! Ouch! I actually thought I must have applied it wrong & maybe I shouldn’t have let it dry. But no, the torture is actually intentional.

This probably does remove all the dirt from your face but it takes off more than is pleasant, peeling it off pulls at the skin a lot & asides from being painful it sadly didn’t illuminate my skin either.

The texture is thick black & gloopy, I found it difficult & messy to spread around my face. Add that to the pain & it’s far from the pamper mask experience that I was after.

Definitely not a repurchase for me, I can’t imagine any skin type benefitting from it, apart from coal being good for oilier skin’s, the other active ingredients don’t have much backing.

Sadly my skin broke out a little in areas that I unintentionally waxed so I’ll probably use what’s left on my nose as it’s the only area I don’t have hair!

AIM: detoxify, purify & cleanse, draws out dirt & oil.

DIRECTIONS: apply thick layer over face, leave for 30 minutes/until dry & gently peel off downwards.

Coal: absorb excess oils & dirt from skin

Glycerin: hydrating
Bergamot extract: not clear what kind of extract they used, unclear in the ingredients but bergamot oil is volatile & can damage skin

Lotus root extract: evidence that lotus seed extract is anti inflammatory & antioxidant, but was unable to find strong evidence for lotus root topically.

PROS: very good at pulling out everything on your skin. Maybe good for t-zone.

CONS: so painful to remove, bergamot extract potentially damaging to skin, broke me out. Not luminizing.

Rating: 2.5/5


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