Tinkle razor for face & eyebrows


CONTENTS: set of 3

PRICE: ~£2.25 on Amazon but prices vary

My Story: You all know about my struggle with facial hair, my laser lady wouldn’t laser it (it wasn’t coarse enough) threading broke me out & bleaching was good but left me with blonde fuzz.

Mostly it’s not too visible however there are odd parts of my face where the hairs are longer & make up doesn’t sit too well on it & I wanted a way to shorten the hairs without removing them at the follicle as this would prevent the ingrown hair/pimples.

That’s where tinkle razors come in. I saw @hudabeauty talk about them in a video & more recently @lisaeldridgemakeup about dermaplaning (shaving a face with a scalpel during a facial) & I tentatively ordered these from Amazon.

Now one thing to be clear about is that I don’t use these to shave like I would a normal razor on skin, I don’t even let the metal tip touch my skin. I literally lightly brush downwards over longer hairs & this trims them so they are less noticeable.
I think Huda is braver with her use of razors on actual skin to help exfoliation but the reason I don’t cut close to the follicle is to avoid ingrown hairs & acne which is a potential side affect of shaving, also I think there are way better ways to exfoliate than shaving (acids obviously). Since I’ve started trimming I’ve found my make up applies much better & I’m definitely less self conscious about my blond hairs poking out all over my face. I haven’t noticed my hair grow back any worse than before.

I’m not sure I’ll ever use these on my eyebrows or for a proper shave as the possible thicker regrowth & acne puts me off but for a trim, these razors are great!

AIM: to trim eyebrows & facial hair

After cleansing in good light, gently brush in downward motions over longer hairs until trimmed to desired length. I would usually do this to hair that was already bleached.

PROS: cheap effective way to minimise the visibility of facial hair without side effects.

CONS: could cause acne & more noticeable regrowth if used to cut hair at follicle. Feels weird using a razor on your face.

Rating: 4/5


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