NYX blotting paper


imageCONTENTS: Matte: 50 sheets All others: 100 sheets

PRICE: Matte £3.50 All others: £5

My Story: After buying tonnes of blotting film from Dubai last year, I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative for when my stash runs out. Most blotting paper I’ve found is covered in powder or is rough in texture.

When I spotted NYX in Boots I was thrilled to find these, I bought all 4 varieties hoping they’d be similar either to Dubai’s variety or my much loved discontinued body shop tea tree blotting sheets.

All 4 are a tissue paper type of texture, almost identical to the body shop. I’ve found that they have equal oils absorbing qualities. What separates the 4 types is their colour & added ingredients.

Of the 4, matte are the plainest, they’re white with no additional ingredients. Tea tree are a nude colour & are infused with tea tree oil giving them a strong tea tree smell like the old body shop ones. The fresh face ones are bluish & contain salicylic acid. The green tea are green & speckled & are infused with green tea which is rich in anti ageing antioxidants.

I think all 4 are great at blotting oil. I wouldn’t repurchase the matte, they are least value for money because you get half the product for more than half the cost. The green tea rejuvenation claims don’t appeal to me either as anti ageing isn’t as much of a priority for me at the moment.

I don’t know how well tea trea & fresh face can reduce blemishes but these are my favourites as I love the idea of including active ingredients that will benefit acne prone oily skins. Definitely repurchasing!

AIM: remove oil without removing make up.

100% pulp – the material used for the sheets

Salicylic acid & tea tree – treat & prevent blemishes

Green tea – rich in antioxidants to help anti ageing

Open packet, remove sticky patch cover on inside lid, close & press on lid to help dispense sheet. Press on oily areas of face & dispose.

PROS: cheap effective way to remove oil, hygienic. Minimal effect on make up.

CONS: no evidence that active ingredients are effective in this format.

Rating: 4.5/5


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