Skin clear ultra rapid action spot gel

imageCONTENTS: 25ml

PRICE: £4.99

MY STORY: anyone who has acne becomes expert at recognising signs of a new spot, a small bump, an area of redness, tingly pain…it used to frustrate me but now I see it as a chance to act early & prevent the spot from progressing & 9/10 times I’m successful.

Last week I noticed a red tender patch on the side of my nose! The horror! I was at work & instantly wanted to slap some salicylic acid on it. I headed to boots in my lunch break & hunted for something as close as possible to my super spot remover.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post. My main annoyance with it is that it’s tiny & contains irritating unnecessary extracts.
So I couldn’t believe my luck when I picked up this cheaper alternative. I’m not sure of the concentration of salicylic acid, it’s the 4th of 8 ingredients. The consistency is a loose gel, exactly like the super spot remover. I use it in the same way, I apply it to anywhere I feel a spot coming, existing spots & lightly over any spot prone areas.

It feels less irritating than the spot remover, it does tend to flake a little more so beware of this if you’re using it in the day but otherwise it’s just as effective at clearing up a break out.

I wouldn’t say the spots gone within 2 hours but there’s improvement & after a day or 2 of use my breakout had vanished.

This is everything I wanted the super spot remover to be: cheaper, less irritating, more product & tube packaging!

AIM: visibly reduces the size of spots in 2 hours.

On the box: use as part of your skin clear ultra regime.
How I use it: during the day over my skin care. At night either directly on spots without other skincare or over the top of my night time moisturiser. Can be applied 2-3 times a day.

Salicylic acid – excellent exfoliant, anti inflammatory & antimicrobial properties make it a great acne treatment.

PROS: good value, comparable to more pricey treatments for acne, short ingredient list with minimal irritants. Effective at preventing & reducing active break outs.

CONS: alcohol can be drying, can leave flakiness on skin.

Rating: 4.5/5


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