Rodial X-treme 5% acid micro scrub (after party facial scrub)

imageCONTENTS: 75ml

PRICE: £45 (I got it for £19.99 at home sense)

MY STORY: I found this on a random trip to home sense. It is still available online as the after party scrub on spacenk, John Lewis & House of Fraser, despite the name change, ingredient lists are identical.

I am about to run out of my indeed labs powder to liquid acidic exfoliator & this for £19.99 was a comparable price & contained a decent acid kick!

The ingredients are good, glycolic & salicylic acid are acids I love! Not a fan of shea butter or linalool but as you wash this product off there’s no real risk of it breaking me out/ irritating like it can in leave on products. Despite containing parfum this stinks of stale milk & is unpleasant so beware of that!

Apart from stinging a bit more than the indeed labs exfoliator I noticed no difference between the 2. The texture is similar & they both leave my face smooth & plump. This isn’t to say it’s a bad product, more to say indeed labs is a good product that is less than half the price, doesn’t smell & isn’t from a brand like rodial that market some of their products so potentially unethically.

AIM: Bentonite clay beads & micro-scrub beads slough away dead skin cells & unclog pores. Glycolic & salicylic acids deeply cleanse & retexture skin. Vitamin E & shea butter calm & soften skin. Biotilys® probiotic technology protects skin from external aggressions.

DIRECTIONS: massage on damp skin avoiding the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Salicylic & glycolic acids – excellent exfoliants.
Vitamin E – good antioxidant
Shea butter – good emollient but can cause breakouts in acne prone skin
Biotilys – unable to find any research or evidence but claims to enhance epithelial barrier to protect skin.

PROS: good acid concentration, effective exfoliant.

CONS: smells awful, expensive. Contains Shea & linalool which irritate/break out some skins. Rodial have some questionable marketing strategies. No evidence for biotilys.

Rating: 3/5


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