Superdrug vitamin E dual phase cleansing oil

imageCONTENTS: 150ml

PRICE: £2.99

MY STORY: I didn’t buy this as a cleanser but more as an alternative to using face wipes to initially remove make up (we all know wipes aren’t the best product for skin). I use it as a pre-cleansing make up remover to remove the bulk of my make up. After shaking the bottle the 2 layers of fluid mix & I pour it onto a large cotton pad to easily swipe off face & eye make up.

Once most of my make up has gone I rinse my face & use e45 to properly double cleanse. I do find that my e45 still removes a fair amount of make up residue after the oil has been used but no more than I would usually have left behind after face wipes.
Personally I wouldn’t use this for a proper cleanse as I find it hard to rinse off completely & am paranoid that any oil left behind would break me out due to my already oily skin.

As an initial make up remover, I find it more nourishing & gentler to my skin than wipes & I will continue to use it for that purpose.
I think drier skin types or those less acne prone could get away with using this as a main cleanse providing it was rinsed off well. It would require a double cleanse to fully remove make up & is more time consuming to rinse off than e45.

AIM: gently & effectively removes make up & shields against free radicals & ageing.

DIRECTIONS: I use this as a makeup remover, rather than a cleanser. Shake well, use on cotton pad/hot cloth/flannel, wipe off make up gently, rinse. Follow with second cleanser.

Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant
Olive fruit oil: emollient, provides ‘slip’, good for skin in combination with other ingredients.
Glycerin: skin-identical & skin-repairing ingredient, helps maintain the outer barrier and prevent dryness or scaling in combination with other ingredients.
Citric acid: used to prevent products from being too alkaline.

PROS: good price, vitamin e has nourishing antioxidant effects on skin, gentle make up remover.
CONS: difficult to rinse off, may cause acne if not fully removed. Not sure how well it can protect & stop skin ageing when it gets washed off.

Rating: 3.5/5


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