The body shop super soft cleansing brush

imageCONTENTS: 1 brush

PRICE: £10

MY STORY: I’ve been using a manual face brush to cleanse with e45 for years. I’ve stayed away from the the electric powered ones partly because they appeared to be harsh on the skin & partly because of the expense involved in replacing brush heads.

Recently I’ve been looking for a gentler alternative to my soap & glory face brush due to concern about broken capillaries. I don’t have many of these & it’s impossible to know if the face brush is to blame but I know there is a chance that the brush could be contributing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that face brushing keeps my acne at bay & brightens my face I would stop using it. If the compromise is an odd broken capillary it is a price I may have to pay. However I don’t want to settle for a compromise without trying other alternatives. I found using a balm & face cloth too time consuming & not exfoliating enough.

I came across this face brush in the body shop & it just looked & felt so soft that I needed to give it a go. There are hundreds of densely packed soft bristles which glide over your face gently.

Whilst I enjoy using it I found it less effective at removing left over make up during a 2nd cleanse than my soap & glory brush. I found if I went back in for another cleanse with my soap & glory brush I could remove makeup residue that was left behind.

For that reason I would only use this on non makeup days or only ever as a first cleanse as it’s not as thorough at removing make up as I would like. I will continue to use it as a first cleanse or in the mornings because it feels so lovely but am thinking of trying flannels next to see if that could replace my soap & glory brush.

AIM: high performance pore cleaning, gentle on skin.

DIRECTIONS: wet head of brush, add cleanser, massage in circular motion on to cheeks, forehead, around eyes and up neck. Rinse face & brush.

PROS: super soft, gentle. Great for sensitive skins or anyone prone to broken capillaries.

CONS: may not remove make up as efficiently as other brushes. Does not feel as exfoliating on the skin.

Rating: 3.5/5


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