Clarins extra firming neck cream


imageCONTENTS: 50ml

PRICE: £46

MY STORY: This was a panic buy based on no research & was bought impulsively after suddenly realising that I haven’t protected my neck for my whole life.

I don’t know where this irrational thought came from as I almost always cover my neck & it’s barely exposed to the sun but even so I hoped this cream would help reverse & prevent any further ageing my neck skin.

It has a peachy colour & lovely cool gel like consistency which is immediately hydrating & moisturising. But that’s pretty much all it does, it’s a lovely moisturiser aimed at 40+, but I didn’t notice any increased firmness or reduction in lines on my neck & looking at the ingredients I doubt anyone 40+ would either.

There are some good moisturising ingredients but none of them are proven to do the firming claimed by the product. Seaweed extract is known for antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties & as an emollient rather than firming/sculpting skin. Sunflower oil, oat extract & mallow are in combination anti inflammatory, anti oxidant & anti irritant & emollient but again not firming.

This cream softens & moisturises but effects are temporary with definitely no firming or anti wrinkle action. I wouldn’t recommend it as you can achieve the same moisturising effects by extending your face skin care down to your neck or using a cheaper emollient.

Moral of story: don’t buy products on a whim & do some research!!

AIM: non-oily, light neck cream with green seaweed extracts, sunflower auxins, with patented Extra-Firming Complex to soften, smooth & firm the neck & decolletage.

DIRECTIONS: massage in to skin on neck & décolletage twice a day.

Green seaweed extract: rich in antioxidants
Extra firming complex: claimed to firm skin, no evidence identified.
Sunflower auxins: anti inflammatory
Oat sugars & mallow: anti irritant & anti inflammatory.

PROS: smells lovely, moisturising. Feels rich.

CONS: Expensive. Not clear what ‘extra firming complex’ is & evidence behind it. Active ingredients not proven to do what is claimed despite good anti inflammatory & emollient properties. Not firming.

Rating: 2.5/5


One thought on “Clarins extra firming neck cream

  1. I don’t think any ingredients can firm up the skin. The only option is a product containing ingredients to stimulate collagen such as retinol but I doubt the concentration allowed in over the counter products would stimulate enough collagen to take on gravity.


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