Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off mask


imageCONTENTS: 50ml

PRICE: £2.99

MY STORY: since I loved my sanctuary radiance peel off mask so much I was delighted to discover another one for less than half the price whilst pottering about in boots.

Throughout my skin care journey I’ve not used tea tree or witch hazel much despite my love of acne treatments. I think I had a bad experience once with tea tree oil drying out my skin.

So what’s the evidence for these treatments? On the whole tea tree is widely accepted & evidenced as an antibacterial & anti inflammatory to treat acne, although tests are usually carried out a higher concentration than most products contain. To some extent this prevents skin drying side effects.

Witch hazel is derived from a leaf, the active ingredient tannin acts as an astringent & potent antioxidant however the process requires the addition of alcohol which can again be potentially drying.

I’m not sure how concentrated this mask is in terms of percentage of tea tree oil or witch hazel but it was not enough to irritate or dry my skin.

The consistency of the mask was thick & like the sanctuary peel off mask tough to spread but it dries quickly & peels in one go, taking visible dead skin with it.

Despite the lack of any acid my skin felt radiant & the one spot I had was shrunken somewhat. I don’t think my pores were tightened particularly as claimed but they looked cleaner.

I wish the tube contained more product & a bit of acid but at this price, I’m just being greedy. Definitely one to keep in the cupboard for acne prone days.

AIM: keep skin healthy by grabbing dirt & lifting it out of pores, remove blackheads, help tighten pores and prevent future breakouts.

DIRECTIONS: apply 1mm layer over face. Leave 10-15 minutes to dry. Peel off. Rinse off remnants. Not for use in shower as will not dry.

Tea tree oil – antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties
Witch hazel – calming antioxidant

PROS: cheap, effective. Reduced inflammation of acne. Peels away well.

CONS: only 6-7 uses in tube. Questionable percentage of tea tree oil, potentially irritating, contains alcohol & fragrance.

Rating: 4/5


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