Vichy idealia BB cream

 Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 16.44.33.pngCONTENTS: 40ml

PRICE: £22 

MY STORY: in my 20s when I controlled my acne, I knew I wanted to stop using foundation daily.

Luckily BB creams came along & finally skincare & make up were combined! A product that would provide light coverage as well as provide SPF & tackle skin issues.

This product, with UV filters & Kombucha claims to reduce appearance of wrinkles & dark spots & protect skin from UV rays. Kombucha claims range from it being an anti ageing antioxidant to it reducing pigmentation, however it isn’t well researched & there’s evidence it can harbour bacteria if not derived properly. I don’t think that’s a concern for this product but I take beneficial the claims lightly.

Vichy don’t claim any long term benefits of kombucha that others do but I think they’re vague about what kombucha actually achieves in this product.

As a base product it has a nice texture & definitely illuminates. The pigment is pink toned which is fine if using a sheer layer of product but if you build it up it can leave a pink cast on yellow tone skin. There’s also very fine pink glitter in this, only visible if you look very closely but it’s definitely there.

A nice illuminating, hydrating product for dry skins with a good amount of SPF but it gets shiny on my oily skin & can leave a pink cast. Provides a natural looking short term fix to dull skin but has questionable long term benefits from kombucha. 

AIM: the formula is designed for 6 different actions: Illuminate; Hydrate; Smooth wrinkles; Refine skin texture; Reduce the appearance of dark spots; Protect with SPF25.

DIRECTIONS: use on top of moisturiser as usual base product.

Kombucha – derived from fermented sweetened black tea, claims to increase radiance, transparency & clarity of skin
UV filter system – titanium dioxide SPF 25
Light reflecting pigments- brighten complexion instantly
Sodium hyaluronate – hydrates

PROS: lovely texture, build able coverage, UVA & UVB filters

CONS: pink tinge, very fine but visible glitter. Only 2 shades. Not best for oily skin. Can ball up if layered too much. Questionable evidence for kombucha.

Rating: 3.5/5


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