Vichy idealia skin sleep 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 18.32.45.pngCONTENTS: 50ml

PRICE: £26.50

MY STORY: When I started commuting the effect of less than 8 hours of sleep showed of my face. This cream appealed to me because of its claims to recreate the effects of well rested skin.

The idea is that the skin is well moisturised, less inflamed, more radiant and looks less fatigued. It has a light pink gel balm texture which feels quite rich on my oily skin but does tend to sink in quickly.

The morning after I use this my skin is definitely more moisturised and plump but because I’m naturally oily there’s almost a residue left on my skin.

Despite containing LHA and glycyrrhizic acid, there is something (most likely the moisturising apricot oil) which leads my skin to break out if I use this too regularly so I now use it maybe once or twice a week as an overnight mask type treatment when my skin is particularly tired looking.

In short a good night cream for dry more mature skins, young oily or sensitive skins may find it a little too rich on a daily basis. Can be used effectively as a hydrating night mask.

AIM: Idealia Skin Sleep is Vichy’s first night cream that recreates the look of a good night’s sleep, even when your nights are cut short.


Glycyrrhizic acids – have anti-irritant and possible anti-inflammatory properties to sooth the skin.

LHA – acids which exfoliate the skin

Sodium hyaluronate – attracts and retains water keeping skin hydrated 

Caffeine – penetrates the skin barrier, stimulates blood circulation to improve oxygen rich flow to tissues

Vitamin B3 – anti-inflammatory properties and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply every night after serum as a moisturiser.

PROS: nice packaging,highly moisturising, skin noticeably plump next morning. Would be perfect for dry skins.

CONS: not cheap, little evidence for the anti inflammatory effects of dipotassium glycyrrhizate. Contains a lot of alcohol. Contains oil – could be a little rich for oily skins on a daily basis.

Rating: 3.5/5


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