Superfacialist vitamin c dark circles eye cream

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.10.17.pngCONTENTS: 15ml

PRICE: 12.99

MY STORY: I’ve raved about the effects of vitamin c in the superfacialist vitamin c serum review so refer to that if you’re interested. 
In short vitamin c is a good ingredient to brighten skin so in theory it should lighten dark circles right?

Well that depends, dark circles are multi factorial & most often down to genetic pigmentation. You may have a medical cause for example anaemia or engorged under eye blood vessels due to nasal congestion and allergies. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, fatigue, sleepless nights etc. can also aggravate dark circles.

So based on that it’s unrealistic to expect a cream to be able to fully tackle dark circles. 
This eye cream is light and hydrating, in terms of my dark circles after 3 weeks I’m not convinced they’re any better but the fact they’re less dry makes them appear brighter & my under eye concealer applies smoother.

Eye creams remain a bit of an optional product for me & whilst this product is hydrating & moisturising, the brightening effect is minimal at best.

Vitamin C – skin brightening 
Caffeine – stimulating
anti-dark circle peptide

AIM: With regular use & within a few weeks the eye area appears noticeably brighter, smoother and firmer in appearance.

DIRECTIONS: Using your ring fingers, apply the tiniest amount gently around the eye area, a grain of rice size should be enough. Take particular care not to drag the skin while tapping in the cream. For optimum results, use morning and night for a minimum of 3 weeks.

PROS: lightweight non irritating. Contains good active ingredients. Hydrating sinks in quickly. Lasts a long time.

CONS: unable to make a real impact on the appearance of dark circles.

Rating: 3/5


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