Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 19.55.31.pngCONTENTS: 30ml

PRICE: 16.99

MY STORY: I’ve wanted to try vitamin c on my skin for a long time now! Its benefits are countless, it can help boost collagen to keep skin looking plump, it can minimise fine lines, reduce inflammation and fade pigmentation. On top of this it is an antioxidant and prevents skin from ageing when damaged by UV rays and pollution.

So bearing this in mind I thought I’d see what sort of vitamin c products were available, ideally I wanted to try it in serum form where it would be most potent.

This product is a good entry product into vitamin c. The first day I used it I forgot and found myself looking in the mirror wondering why my skin looked so good, then I remembered! I knew then I definitely needed vitamin c in my life.

Vitamin c is more of a preventative measure for anti ageing than repairing damage already done (for that a vitamin A (retinol) product would work better). For that reason I’d recommend this product more to younger skins, it also contains hyalonuric acid so gives decent hydration. Personally I like to add extra hyalonuric acid (either the simply pure Superdrug serum or hydraluron) and blend the two, they work well together and give me the extra hydration I want.

The serum is fragranced, I like the smell but fragrance can irritate sensitive skins so beware!

A good brightening hydrating serum for all skin types that need brightening and want to prevent further sun damage. I will stick to it until I find a more potent vitamin c product!

AIM: Bring a new radiance and clarity to skin with this concentrated supercharged brightening serum. With regular use skin appears smoother, more radiant & youthful looking.


Vitamin C – an anti oxidant which prevents ageing
Hyaluronic Acid – helps hydrate skin
Algae extract – skin lightening 

DIRECTIONS: apply to cleansed skin before moisturising. They advise 3 weeks at least to see effects.

PROS: mid price, often on special offer, clear brightening effects, prevents sun damage and ageing.

CONS: does not tackle existing ageing as well as vitamin A, contains fragrance

Rating: 4/5


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