Sterikare oil control film

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.51.49CONTENTS: 50 blotting sheets

PRICE: £3 (15 dirhams)

MY STORY: if any of you have oily skin & are heading to the Middle East then head to Carrefour & stock up on these! I bought about 20 packs last time I was there!

I spent my late teens & early 20s using compact powders & my oil would saturate the sponge, eventually the powder became coated with a dark layer of grease. Ew!!! I switched to Dr Feelgood from benefit but found that anything that required a sponge to be applied to oily skin was a bad idea. 

I switched to body shops tea tree blotting papers. They were green sheets of tissue paper & absorbed oil wonderfully without any powder residue, it was a happy time. I left trails of them all over hospital that I worked in. 

I was devastated when the body shop discontinued them. I then tried various other brands my least favourite were the types with a powder on them as they left a white residue. Eventually I ordered Clean & clear’s brand of oil control film. Unfortunately whilst being very effective, they are only available online in the UK & sometimes overpriced.

I came across the sterikare ones in Dubai when I was hoping to find the clean & clear ones at a cheaper price. They are almost identical to one another, the plastic blue sheets are smooth, powder free & absorb oil very well without disturbing makeup providing you pat the film & don’t rub it on your skin.

I honestly haven’t find anything better than blotting films for mattifying oily skin. A few pats on my t-zone & I’m oil free for hours.

If anyone knows where to get hold of a similar product easily in the UK do let me know!

AIM: remove excessive oil from skin without disrupting make up.

DIRECTIONS: press film gently over oily areas of skin without ribbon or wiping. Throw away used wipe.

PROS: hygienic, effective at removing all excess oil & completely mattifying skin. Leaves no residue on skin & doesn’t disrupt makeup.

CONS: not easily available in the UK. Not discreet/glamorous to use.

Rating: 5/5


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