Simply pure hydrating serum


PRICE: £2.69 Superdrug

MY STORY: I bought this as a replacement of my Vichy aqualia thermal serum after it ran out a few weeks ago. I’d heard of this serum having rave reviews a few years ago. When it was discontinued fans were devastated, so they bought it back and this time I knew I had to try it.

This serum is a white creamy texture, it’s thicker than the Vichy serum but just as easy to spread around the face and despite having bit more of a residue, it absorbs quickly.

I find this hydrates me just as well as the Vichy serum and at a fraction of the price you can’t go wrong.

What I love most is that it works well with all my other skincare products, I sometimes mix it with other serums that tackle other skin issues such as my effaclar duo or the superfacialist vitamin c brightening serum. This way I can tackle a range of issues in a personalised concoction.

A highly hydrating serum for sensitive skin which performs as well if not better than some higher end serums. A good place to start for those new to serums and anyone on a budget. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this in place of the Vichy aqualia serum, I’ve noticed very little difference between them to justify spending over 6 times the amount!

AIM: designed to nourish and replenish dehydrated skin.

hyaluronic acid, 
lactic acid,

DIRECTIONS: Apply daily to the face and neck with your finger tips and gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

PROS: good price with decent active hydrating ingredients.

CONS: not a multitasking serum – but sits well with other serums/moisturisers, active ingredients are listed half way of ingredients list so could be more potent.

Rating: 4.5/5


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