Simple kind to skin exfoliating/cleansing facial wipes

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.04.25.pngCONTENTS: 25 wipes

PRICE: £3.29

MY STORY: In an ideal world we’d all be motivated to melt our make up off with a cleansing balm & warm flannel. In reality we all have excuses for using wipes, personally I hate going into a cleanse with a full face of make up & need to get rid of the bulk of it before I apply my e45 & go in with my face brush.

The fear with wipes is that they’ll be rubbed vigorously damaging skin, or they’ll be used in place of proper a cleanse.

I don’t ever advocate using wipes alone, I always follow with a proper cleanse, when you do this you can see just how much makeup is left behind even when you think you’ve wiped thoroughly.

I use wipes like a wet flannel, I hold & press gently on my face. Eventually the makeup melts away & I can gently wipe it off. At no point do I rub or scrub with the wipe. 
Both exfoliating & cleansing wipes from Simple are reasonably wet so you don’t have to wait long for makeup to melt off & they’re reasonably priced. Some cheaper wipes are too dry, expensive ones are wetter & quicker but no matter how pricey & wet a wipe is, it won’t cleanse your face properly so I would go for something wet but cheap & these wipes fulfil that criteria.

The cleansing wipes are softer & take more pressing to remove makeup, I’m not sure if they work on waterproof mascara as I don’t use it. The exfoliating ones feel rougher but are more effective at removing heavy makeup.

AIM: Simple facial wipes thoroughly & gently cleanse, tone & freshen your skin without drying.

Pro vitamins B5 + vitamin E (exfoliating wipes also contain aloe Vera)

DIRECTIONS: (how I recommend using them) place wipe over face, gently press over your eyelids and face for a minute or 2 until make up starts breaking down. Gently wipe away. Repeat if necessary.

PROS: both products have sufficient emollient cleanser (not detergent) to remove makeup without too much effort. No perfume. Cleansing wipes are super soft.

CONS: exfoliating wipes contain alcohol. Both contain a formaldehyde-releasing preservative which can irritate skin if not washed off.

Rating: 3/5


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