Sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal detox mask

imageCONTENTS: 15g

PRICE: £2.99

MY STORY: This mask is also available in a 100ml tube for £10.50 but I wanted to try it before committing to a full tube.

I’m unsure if you can tell, but in the before picture my skin has a bit of a shine. This was taken not long after I cleansed & my oily skin has already started to get shiny.

I applied the mask to damp skin all over my face. It’s a thick almost sticky consistency & as you apply it, you get quite an intense heat effect which supposedly opens your pores. It’s short lived but I quite enjoyed it.

As you can see the only real difference afterwards is that my skin looks more matte. There was no brightening, reduction in pore size or moisturising effect. There was also no redness/irritation or dry patchiness.

I went to dinner after this without applying any skincare and my skin stayed comfortable & oil free all evening. I don’t like being totally matte so would follow up with a hydrating serum & moisturiser, but as a focal treatment for my t-zone to balance oil production this would work well.

All in all a mask that does what it says and removes excess oil to mattify skin.
I prefer a bit of acid/hydration from a mask as well as drawing out oil but I’m quite demanding! I don’t think I need a full tube of this in my life but it may be 1 I pick up a sachet of now & then when I’m particularly oily.

AIM: Open up pores so charcoal & kaolin clay can draw out impurities. Essential oil of myrrh to soothes & helps rebalance oil levels to leave skin cleansed & soft.

Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil
Zeolite creates a natural thermal heating action to open pores.
Essential oil of Myrrh calms skin.

DIRECTIONS: Cleanse skin but leave skin damp, massage mask over face and neck. Allow to warm, cool naturally for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Use twice weekly. Combination skin can use mask only on congested areas & avoid dry areas.

PROS: inexpensive, can be used as a focal treatment. Noticeable removal of oil and mattifying effect. Nice heat effect.

CONS: may dry out drier skins. Sensitive skins may be irritated by heat effect.

Rating: 3.5/5


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