Sanctuary spa 5 minute radiance peel off mask

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.45.50CONTENTS: 75ml

PRICE: £10.00

MY STORY: if you, like me, have happy memories of picking PVA glue off your hands at school, you’re going to love this one!

Apart from the appeal of trying another glycolic acid mask after finishing my nip+fab one, this had the added appeal of peeling it off my face. How satisfying. No weird sheet thing or any rinsing involved!
I’ve only come across this mask recently & couldn’t find many reviews so I believe it’s a reasonably new product.

The consistency is thick and almost rubbery and dries quite quickly so you need to work fast. I didn’t find it easy to spread around the face as its sticky, the directions say you need a small amount but I recommend a 3-4 cm blob.

I wouldn’t recommend applying it to the entire face, particularly if you have downy fine facial hair towards the edge of your face like me, it was incredibly difficult to peel of from those areas, I had to rinse it off!

Since then I’ve applied it just to the centre of my face, mainly my t-zone & have been thoroughly satisfied by peeling it off. Is it brightening? Well, it’s not as good as other acidic masks I’ve used but it’s quick & does appear to smoothen the texture of my skin.

I will probably continue to buy it just because it’s quick & so much fun to peel! 

AIM: In one use, skin looks brighter, fresher & smoother & with continued use, skin texture is refined for more youthful & radiant looking skin.

DIRECTIONS: Squeeze out onto fingertips & smooth a thin layer over clean, dry skin avoid eye area. Wait until the mask is dry (5-10 minutes depending on how thin & even the application) & then peel off. Rub/rinse off any excess.


Glycolic acid & five botanical extracts of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange & lemon.

PROS: incredibly satisfying peeling action. Some improvement to skin texture. Only 5 minutes.

CONS: thick consistency, difficult to remove from downy hair, not as strong as other acid masks on the market.

Rating: 3.5/5


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