Origins never a dull moment skin brightening face polish with fruit extract 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 21.12.23.pngCONTENTS: 125ml

PRICE: £25

MY STORY: it’s been so long since I’ve tried a face scrub, although this claims to be a face polish rather than a scrub as such. I usually stay away from anything that contains visible beads because I’m sure they damage skin but this product has decent reviews & the natural fruit enzymes sound like they’d do a good job of removing dead cells. I also liked the fact it only required a minute or 2 to use, since finishing my Ren flash 1 minute facial I was in the market for a quick skin fix. 

This thick orange paste smells fruity which I liked, I massaged it on my damp skin for a minute or 2 to get full benefit. Whilst I enjoyed the gel like texture the particles spoilt the experience, they felt quite abrasive & scratchy & reminded me why I stopped using scrubs with bits in them.

Admittedly my skin was softer, brighter & more plump looking following this but I wonder if it could have achieved this without the scratchy bits.

There’s a lot of fruit oils & extracts not to mention glycerin in this product which is what I think softened my skin, I’m not sure how potent & potentially irritating these extracts are to skin, I couldn’t find much evidence on them. 

Sadly natural ingredients doesn’t always mean the safest as they too can irritate skin although I tolerated everything but the scratchy bits quite well. I won’t repurchase it but will finish the tube. 

Good results, potentially irritating.

AIM: Dissolves lackluster cells. Polishes skin to perfection.

DIRECTIONS: Gently massage over clean, damp face using circular motions. Avoid eye area. Allow to remain on skin a minute or two without scrubbing. Rinse off.

papain from crushed papaya: enzyme to dissolve lacklustre cells 
walnut shells, apricot & mango seeds: finely ground to polish/exfoliate skin

PROS: skin is softened & brightened, quick to use. Smells nice.

CONS: potential irritants, temporary effect on skin, scratchy exfoliating particles. Better less irritating products on the market for price. 

Rating: 3/5


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