Nivea Daily Essentials Oil-free Moisturising Day Cream

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.30.52CONTENTS: 125ml

PRICE: £3.99

MY STORY: this is a bit of a nostalgic repurchase that I wanted to review for all the students & budget conscious.

I used this a lot when I was at university, it was good value & oil free. Back then it also contained SPF 8 but has since been reformulated. I wanted to try the new one to see if it was as effective & luckily my skin still appears to like it. It’s a light cream consistency which takes a minute or so to absorb. 

Once it’s sunk in skin feels well hydrated. It makes a nice base for make up & my oil production is improved although not completely halted. 
The active ingredients should work in theory but the concentration of these & evidence of them working in this product is vague.

In summary a good budget moisturiser that works as well as many more expensive products that I’ve tried. Better for oily younger less sensitive skins as it contains alcohol, although there are alternative moisturisers for dry & sensitive skins from Nivea. I’ve not tried them but if this is anything to go by they may be worth a try.

I will keep this in my repertoire for now but feel my skin needs a bit more in terms of anti ageing than this alone as I head to my 30s. 

AIM: Your skin is intensively hydrated and protected looking shine free all day long.

Apply cream on cleansed face by gently massaging in small circles, avoiding the eye area. 

Ocean algae – thought to increase elasticity of skin and be anti ageing in studies
Hydra IQ – promotes moisture flow between skin cells (in vitro)
Lemongrass – antimicrobial 

PROS: excellent value. Oil free. Didn’t break me out. 

CONS: hydra IQ evidence is only based on in vitro studies. Contains alcohol. No longer has SPF.

Rating: 3.5/5


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