L’oreal la touche magique 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.12.30CONTENTS: 15ml

PRICE: £7.99 

MY STORY: It may interest you to know that only 7 global corporations own nearly all the beauty products available to us on market. 
Why would you care? Well the formulas used to produce high-end products often filter down to the drugstore. Meaning cheaper products can sometimes be almost identical to their higher priced counterparts, with very little difference on the ingredients list. 
For this reason I decided this year to switch some high end products for their drugstore relatives to see if they were comparable.

Given that l’oreal owns YSL I switched from the YSL touche eclat which I had tried in shades 2.5 & 3 to l’oreal’ touche magique, in warm beige and ivory beige.

There’s no denying that the YSL looks and feels like a luxury item the beautiful gold packaging and click pen and smooth brush all feel high end. In comparison the plastic feel of the touche magique doesn’t match up.

Packaging aside, I prefer the l’oreal pen. They are very similar but apart from the YSL being slightly denser (in my opinion this makes it harder to blend and can make it cling to dry patches) the highlighting ability is near identical. 

If you’re someone who only uses a highlighting pen to conceal under eyes the denser YSL one may provide more coverage but if you tend to have dark circles I recommend using a highlight pen over a corrector & more dense concealer to bring back some brightness to the area.

For the purpose of highlighting (not covering bags/pigmentation) under eyes, the touche magique lasts just as long, comes in some decent shades for light and south Asian skin tones and looks just as good if not better than its YSL cousin.

AIM: conceal dark circles & fine lines.

HOW I USE IT: I apply it on my under eye area in the inner corners over my corrector and concealer & pat with my ring finger/beauty blender.


PROS: highlights well, blends easily, good price.

CONS: runs out quite quickly with daily use (but so did my touche eclat) light plastic packaging gets a bit dirty. Not full coverage.

RATING: 4.5/5


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