La roche posay redermic R

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 19.41.06.pngCONTENTS: 30ml

PRICE: £29.50

MY STORY: Retinoids are one of the few proven ingredients to reverse the signs of ageing and encourage skin turnover. They also unclog & minimise pores, boost collagen production & even out discolouration & skin texture.

Everyone should have some retinol in their repertoire of skincare unless you’re young with problem free skin.

I switched to this after finishing my retinol reface, it’s got a slightly more greasy texture but is equally silky and easy to blend. I feel despite being greasier to apply, this actually leaves my skin slightly dryer in the morning and is therefore stronger than retinol reface. However it doesn’t leave skin flakey or irritated and I have noticed slightly improved texture than with my previous retinol product.

I use it as a night time serum after acid exfoliating and before moisturising. The combination of acid exfoliating and retinol is not as drying as expected as the retinol penetration is deeper than the acid which works on more superficial skin layers.

Overall a decent product but at ~£10 more expensive I’m not sure if the improvement to my skin is so significant that I would continue to repurchase it instead of retinol reface. If you’re considering getting your first retinol product, I would suggest trying retinol reface first, it’s cheaper, fragrance free and results are comparable.

AIM: Over time, skin becomes more even and firm, with fine lines and deep wrinkles appearing diminished. Premature dark spots are faded and the surface of the skin is visibly smoothed, with increased radiance.

0.1% retinol
0.2% Retinol Linoleate + Adenosine
0.3% Lipo-Hydroxy Acid [LHA]

Apply in the evening on face and neck, alone or in combination with a moisturising cream. Do not expose skin to UV light. Apply a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Avoid eye contour area.

PROS: suitable for sensitive skins, not hugely drying. Noticeable difference to skin texture.

CONS: cheaper products with similar results, relatively low dose of retinol. Contains fragrance.

Rating: 3.5/5


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